Why Choose Me?

You could call me unique. I really care about what I'm making and how it will be used. I also care about where it comes from.  I use scraps to make make up wipes and mop cloths. I love to make my own bags and talk about what they can be used for. I use local small shops for whatever materials I can - like wooden blanks.

I also love to share my talent. I have been having local craft nights with friends and family helping them make their own wooden crafts. It is so fun to see how they pick up on the process and see their creativity shine. Handmade is something very important to me and I hope to add more variety and fun items in my shop. I love all the beautiful and useful things I have made and will keep making.

Shop Announcements

Thank you for shopping small! This site is a work in progress. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I've got a few in boutiques coming up - more info on Instagram. Visit my new site: http://mmlo3handmade.square.site for more items.

All Sewing!

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Holiday Gifts

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This is a wonderful place where I add a few things together for a discount.


Veteran quilters were so impressed with the design.

Wonderful item and received in a very timely manner

The pillow cases I ordered were of awesome quality, and beautifully packaged! Very pleased with my order.

I have ordered several custom orders. Each one is cuter than the last! She definitely has a flair for patterns and colors, and a fantastic way of blending them!

About Me

Karla Krause

shop owner

Hi. I'm Karla and I am the owner of My Mommy Life of 3. I am a one woman operation making everything handmade at my kitchen table. I focus mostly on reusable items and love helping others live a little more ecofriendly. Recently I have started selling my home decor line and wood crafts. I am a self taught crafter who learned a lot by trial and error. 

Why did I start this business? Because I'd like to spread the happiness I feel when making these beautiful things. I love how it has grown into so much more - teaching others that being ecofriendly can be just a simple change. I also love showing my kids that they can make goals and follow their dreams. Because at the end of the day, that is who I am first - a momma.You can find me all over the internet - FB, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Etsy (for paper crafts).

See more on my blog.